TitleOne time conversion rate and waiting time
After creating a currency wallet to which you can receive Branch Tokens, you are able to convert Branch Hearts (BH) to Tokens (BT). However, there is a restriction on how much Branch Hearts can be converted to Tokens at one time. You can submit another conversion request after a certain period of time. The conversion amount and wait time are shown below.

One time Heart conversion amount:
10% of BH Balance Or if 10% is less than 1,000 BH then up to 1,000 BH
Ex 1. If your BH balance is 20,000 BH, you can convert 10% of 2,000 BH.
Ex 2. If your BH balance is 1,500 BH, 10% would be 150 BH which is less than 1,000 BH so you can convert 1,000 BH.

Waiting period to submit more conversion requests:
2 weeks