TitleWhat is Branch’s currency conversion rates?
Branch’s currency conversion rates are the value and exchange rates for Likes, Branch Hearts, and Branch Tokens.

(1) α = 0.00
α represents the Branch community’s adjustment factor. Applepie Studio Inc. and Branch community members decide the value of α by assessing the amount of Branch Tokens, prices, community activities. etc.
Ex. α = 1.31

(2) 1 Like = α X √(e(ev-9.0)) BH
This gives the number of Branch Hearts that are generated with a Like. ev represents the rating, e is an estimation of the famous irrational number, Euler's Number, which is ‘2.71828 …’ (The formula for Likes on a comic does 1 Like = α BH until the first 5 ratings are applied.)

Ex. When α (Branch community adjustment) is 1.31 and the comic rating is 9.6,
1 Like = 1.31 X √(e (9.6-9.0)) = 1.76831503 BH

Within a 24 hour period even if a reader likes multiple comics from the same creator only one Like is counted towards Branch Hearts.
Guideline Examples:
1) If in 24 hours Subscriber A likes Creator B's comics C, D, E then BH are only generated from comic C.
2) If in 24 hours Subscriber A likes Creator B's comic C, Creator D's comic E, and Creator F's comics G and H then Likes from comics C, E, G will create BH.
3) If within 24 hours Subscriber A likes Creator B's comics C, D and then 24 hours later likes Creator B's comic E then BH are created from both C and E.
4) If within 24 hours both Subscriber A and Subscriber D like Creator B's comic C then two BH are created from comic C.