TitleBranch Launching Celebration!! 2 Events to Win!!!

Full of gifts to celebrate Branch launching! Win them now!

↓ Click Here to download the Branch app ↓

1. Post a story and win a chick! All who publish a story once will receive a chick in Hellopet.
(event period : May 9 ~ May 13(PST))
- Only stories in 'published' will count.
- Chick will be sent via the coupon code you can input in Hellopet, and the result will be sent to Branch alarm.
- Coupon code can be used only one time.

2. Gifts for like-collectors! Huge rewards to the creators ranked up to top 300!
(event period : May 9 ~ May 15)
Rankers by total likes from stories will be rewarded:
- Top 1~10: 3,000 cookies
- Top 11~50: 1,000 cookies
- Top 51~100 : 500 cookies
- Top 101~300 : 100 cookies
Rewards will be given after the event period ends.

- Cookie will be sent via the coupon code you can input in Hellopet.
- Branch alarm to top 300 rankers will be individually sent after the event result concludes.