TitleBranch ver. 1.2.2 Update
We would like to expect 1.2.2 version update soon and note the details of it.

1. New feature: Favorite
- Clipping a story as "Favorite" is available at the last card of a story, where you can rate the story with star.
- Favorite stories can be read again at "Activitiy" tab, and also you can like and comment there directly.
- Favorite tab replaces "Viewed stories" in Acitivity.

2. Material Library menu added.
- Before creating a story, you can preview the image resources at the Material Library to bookmark.
- At the top of image materials, new tabs are added: Bookmarked, Recent.
- "Mine" tab is moved to right at the bottom.

3. Tab order change at Brach home
- Tabs are sorted as Activity - Featured - Hot - New - Relay - Best from the left.
- The conditions of Hot and Best are flexible now according to growth at the early stage of Branch service.

4. Miscellaneous
- Stories already read is displayed distinguishable from unread ones.
- Rating screen has been modified as well as equipping the features such as share, like.