TitleBranch ver. 1.2.4 Update
We would like to expect 1.2.4 version update soon and note the details of it.

1. New feature: Comment Block
- A creator can block a comment left on the creator's own story.
- It will hide all the comments of the commenter from all users except the blocked at every story of the creator.

2. Users can leave comments after 3 days from registration.

3. Search added
- Stories can be searched by title or nickname.

4. New feature: Autoplay
- Story can be slided automatically designated time with Autoplay function. However, branch card, special card, or card to tap an image cannot be go forward automatically.

5. Sponsored content menu added
The image materials from sponsors are available from the menu, which can be found at the top left of the app. Also the image source can be found there.

6. My page added at Activity
- It moves directly to the user's own creator information page

7. Rank added
- At Best tab, ranking information can be seen.

8. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements