TitleBranch ver. 1.4.0 Update
Branch ver. 1.4.0 Update

We would like to expect Branch version update to 1.4.0 soon and note the details of it.

1. Add 'Branch Heart'
'Branch Heart(a.k.a. BH)' is reward points generated based on the number of Likes on comics. Branch Hearts will only be generated and given as a reward to official creators to prevent the value of Branch Hearts from decreasing

Branch Heart record of each creation can be seen at My Page. Also "Branch Cryptocurrency" menu will show the total amount of Branch Hearts I have, and allow the access to Branch Token exchange. Branch Token exchange will be updated in late July or August 2018.

* Acquired BH will be issued at 4PM UTC daily after 1.4.0 update. Please note 1.4.0 update is requires to access Branch So please update Branch if you have the previous version.

2. Add 'Audience'
You can choose 'Audience' when you publish your comics. There are 'Audience' like: Kids, Pre-Teen, Teen, Young Adult, General Adult, Mature Adult. It is simple addition at the moment without any changes. But we are considering easier content accessibility with 'Audience' in the future.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements have been applied.