TitleBranch ver. 1.4.5 Update
We have now Branch update to version 1.4.5 soon and note the details of it.

1. Requirement for "Rising Star" badge is changed as below:
- 5 stories, 50 Likes, and 50 Subscriber!
Now it gets easier to become Branch official creators with the requirement change. Please note the policy about level is adjustable with the growth of Branch service.

2. The Advertising feature will be temporarily unavailable.
- The "Advertise" feature turns to temporarily unavailable because of not much use. It may return in the future when many creators want the feature.

3. "Story" publishment limit
- A comic under "Story" category can be published 24 hours after your last publishment. "Update, Chat" has no limitation to publish as before.
- The limit of "Story" to be published is for diverse exposure of various creators.

4. Now Creator page shows all the comics without separating "Update, Chat." The tab previously for the "Update, Chat" turns to "Story" tab so users can dig in "Story" type comics without seeing "Updates, Chats".

5. Tab order changes at Activity menu: Subscribed - My Page - My Comics - Favorited