TitleBranch ver. 1.5.0 Update
We have now Branch update to version 1.5.0 soon and note the details of it.

1. The Featured tab is replaced with a Feed.

The Feed provides better exposure for new content and creators. Readers can easily find updates from their subscriptions.
Feed includes subscribed content and featured comics, new content, and creators.

2. The Shooting Star level goal is changing.

Reach 15 comics, 1,000 Likes, and 500 subscribers to receive the Shooting Star badge.

3. Users can now publish a maximum of 3 stories per day which restarts at 3PM UTC daily.

4. Guidelines for Branch Hearts (BH) created from receiving Likes are changing.

(1) The formula is changing so for Likes on a comic does 1 Like = α BH until the first 5 ratings are applied.
(2) Now within a 24 hour period even if a reader likes multiple comics from the same creator only one Like is counted towards Branch Hearts.

Guideline Change Examples:
1) If in 24 hours Subscriber A likes Creator B's comics C, D, E then BH are only generated from comic C.
2) If in 24 hours Subscriber A likes Creator B's comic C, Creator D's comic E, and Creator F's comics G and H then Likes from comics C, E, G will create BH.
3) If within 24 hours Subscriber A likes Creator B's comics C, D and then 24 hours later likes Creator B's comic E then BH are created from both C and E.
4) If within 24 hours both Subscriber A and Subscriber D like Creator B's comic C then two BH are created from comic C.

5. You can change the content language option from the settings menu.

6. Other small bug fixes and improvements are made.